Your journey at Pro-Fitness begins with a personal consultation with Chuck Branda to establish reasonable fitness goals based on your needs, body type and dreams.  This information will enable Chuck to establish a scientifically-based workout program incorporating flexibility, body-weight, free weights, and machine resistance exercise; along with cardiovascular activities while stressing proper form and technique.

Take your workout to the next level with individualized training.  Incorporating the philosophy of functional training, Chuck Branda helps you reach your fitness goals by creating a program geared to your fitness level, needs, and schedule.  A program specifically designed to improve the areas of fitness that are related to you goals, including nutrition, improved balance, stability, proprioceptive awareness and muscular endurance.

Exercise is integral to good health.  Good health means a higher quality of life individually and family wise. Chuck is dedicated to raising the bar for Santa Clarita fitness to achieve this higher quality of life.

We offer the following programs:
~Personal Training
~Sport Specific Training
~Group Training
~Senior Training
~Children Training
~Track and Cross Country
~Physical Education Classes

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Chuck is the best.  I meet with him three times a week and haven’t felt this good in years!  In the first month, he completely cured my lower back pain.  He truly cares about total fitness.  He’s easy-going yet always challenges me.  I recommend him to anyone of any age!


Age 39

There is perhaps no other age group that can experience more health benefits from exercise than people over 50 years old. Studies show that those who have a well balanced program of stretching, aerobics, and resistance training live longer, stay healthier, and are happier than those that don’t.

The challenge is having the motivation to start and continue such a program.  Having the best personal trainer Santa Clarita has to offer is the solution.  Chuck will get you on track for a longer, healthier, and happier life. He will keep you motivated, and on-track.

I have been training with Chuck for only two weeks but I can already see and feel the difference. Chuck is patient, supportive and careful. He doesn’t want me to injure myself by doing too much, too soon. But real progress is being made on this 65 year old body that hasn’t seen the inside of a gym for many years. For anyone of any age who’s thinking about getting in shape, I can recommend Chuck Branda.

Sherill B.