No matter your fitness level or goals, Chuck Branda can help you!

Everyone is in a back to school rush now. We are buying pencils, stationary, planners, and backpacks. Investing in your child’s academic success is important. Just as important is success outside of the classroom.

We offer the following programs: Personal Training, Sport Specific Training, Group Training, Senior Training, Children Training, Track and Cross Country, and Physical Education Classes

At Pro-Fitness, we believe in changing lives through fitness.  The professional skills of Chuck Branda along with our state-of-the-art facility are all we need to transform your life.  Everyone deserves to look and feel their best every single day. What it takes is motivation, the right plan, and consistent action. Our aim is to devise the right plan for you, and let our enthusiasm keep you on a consistent path of exercise to reach your fitness goals.

Pro-Fitness: 23734 Valencia Blvd., Suite #110 | (661) 645-1656 |