At 76 years old, being fit allowed me to do one of the funnest things I’ve ever done in my life!

My wife Gerry has always had “See the Northern Lights”. So, off to Alaska we went! I booked us on a tour and Musher School at Paws for Adventure.

After some instruction the guide put me in the basket on his sled, took me into the wilderness, and I took over the team for a practice run.

Once my training was complete, back at the dog compound, he hooked a new team for me including dogs Hector and Judy. Off I flew for a 10 mile run in sub-zero temperatures across picturesque, snow-covered meadows, over hills and through the forest.  It was exhilarating to shout commands to the dogs and see how they’d respond perfectly. 

Leading a dog sled team was quite a work out; you steer the sled by shifting your body weight.  On sharp turns or approaching low tree branches you get your center of gravity low. Basically, you’re doing squats for the one and one-half hour run. Good thing my body is used to those!

The guide marveled at my sense of balance, and you can have that balance too. It’s something I work on in particular with my senior clients. 

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